Simgui started to produce SOI materials since 2001, and now, Simgui has been well positioned in the research of SOI materials in China and in level with internationally advanced SOI material investigation.

1. Simgui have developed SIMOX, Bonding and the proprietary Simbond process in 2002, 2005 and 2006, respectively;

2. In 2014, Simgui and Soitec announced the strategic collaboration to meet the fast growing requirement of SOI in RF and automotive applications;

3. Now, Simgui can produce SOI products for all applications with varieties of technologies, including:

    • SIMOX
    • Bonding
    • Simbond
    • Hydrogen Splitting
    • Best SOI
    • Si-Si Bonding

4. Simgui has set up long term close cooperation with famous domestic and international universities and institutes to develop advanced engineered substrate for high mobility channel materials, Si photonics and so on .

5. Now, Simgui have 63 granted patents, including USA/Japan/Korea patents and hold 120 patent applications.

Simgui adopts four processes: SIMOX, BONDING, SIMBOND, and SSS, and uses advanced equipment to prepare SOI materials to ensure that wafers can meet international semiconductor standards and meet the requirements of mainstream IC production lines in the world today. Relying on strong and continuous technical support, integrating the good cost-effectiveness of domestically produced substrates and the advantages of strong and flexible processing capabilities, we provide professional epitaxial services to customers.
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